Teachers Project Pedagogy

Group Work Management

 Mrs Houssine*Mr Bouzid*Mrs Khettou* Mrs Hadj Safi*Mr Djellouli*Mrs Simou

On Tuesday, March 16th, 2010, the second Teachers Project was presented by Kasdi Merbah High School Team under the supervision of Mr.D.Djelouli; 30 teachers attended the project on 'Group Work Management"

We were guided right from the beginning and involved in the project work; the presentation room had been organized in a way that facilitated our grouping with a list of names on each table and the limited number of chairs. The walls were also decorated with traffic light posters that clearly meant classroom rules.   

In order to brainstorm the topic of the project and go deeper, we were invited to watch and reflect on a video about different tasks performed in groups. Then all along the presentation of the project we worked in pairs and groups while learning to manage group works, so we tackled six key elements as follows:

1.      Steps of setting students into groups

2.      Types of student groups

3.      Objectives of group work

4.      Challenges of group work and suggested solutions

5.      Steps to conduct a project work

6.      Instructional Vs Learning Strategies


The tasks were varied and interesting as they enhanced problem solving situations, team work and critical thinking.

The wrap up phase was planned and performed in a form of acrostic poems about group work and the project presentation was closed with teachers constructive feedback.