Teachers Project Pedagogy

ICT integration in EFL classes

 Miss.Guedouah*Miss.Jlaylia*Mr.Louznadji*Mrs Lakel


The team of Zabana High School , Arzew, presented Project work on

March 13th, 2011, and it was about ICT integration in EFL classes.

         The opening session was held by Mr Mennad, the head teacher and Mr Louznadji, Inspector of National Education. The team started their presentation by an ‘ice breaker’ which was a group work task ,  teachers filled in a table with notes about what can help or hinder ICT use in education according to six given factors. There was a big debate about how far the head teachers can be helpful in order to use ICTs class.


The ‘ice breaker’ was followed by brief information about the Algerian government’s project aiming at improving and information-based society while introducing the ICT use in many fields including education.


Then, the team showed a video of interviews with the headteacher and the head of studies of Zabana High School. That gave the opportunity to the teachers attending to talk again about their headteachers’ attitudes towards ICT use in their schools.


The team also presented the findings of a survey that was done with teachers of English from different high schools in Oran. The audience was expecting some of the results, but were surprised at others, that’s why some comments and discussions followed the questions of the survey.

The following point was a course presentation with ICTs: the participants watched a video and completed a dialogue while listening. The correction then was done by watching the same video with subtitles and they checked their answers.


As the project dealt with ICTs integration in education, the team found it necessary to show a video of two classes with the same students; the first one was given with ICTs while the second was without ICTs. The task was ‘Watch and Comment’ and, of course, it was followed by the audience comments which varied from one to another.


After that, it was time to discover the students’ reactions towards ICT use; the team presented the findings of a survey with students from different high schools. Most of them agreed that audio-visual aids make them more interested, relaxed and motivated while learning.


Finally the presentation ended by videos of students’ projects that were presented using the ICTs differently.


The guests found the content of the teachers’ project interesting, satisfying and inspiring.



                                                                        By Zabana High School Teachers