Teachers Project Pedagogy

Motivating Learners in EFL Classes



Ms.K. Hachemi * Mr.M.Louznadji * Ms.S.Khobstane


First, I would like to start with a wise statement my inspector of English, Mr.Louznadji once told me: “Experience is not the number of years one has achieved but what s/he has learnt and taught through all these years. »Teaching under the supervision of such people is a real blessing for both teachers and learners.

When we were asked to choose a topic for our project pedagogy, we were puzzled and a bit lost as we hesitated a lot. Then we started thinking seriously how to make things work. We got inspired when we were talking about our students’ feelings and attitudes when learning English.  At that very moment, we could figure out all their unspoken words, their hidden feelings and anxieties. All these lead us to work on” Motivating Learners in EFL Classes “; in fact our students were and are our source of motivation!

I was always inspired by my teachers who took my hand and lead me to this wonderful world of teaching. With those great people, I learnt that teaching is not merely to have control over the class, teach grammar rules, vocabulary, comprehension and writing, but rather collaboration with administrators, colleagues and most of all students. This isn’t a teacher thing but a human thing.

I still remember the impact I had when I came across Neil Postman’s quote:”Children enter schools as question marks and leave schools as periods.” I was so scared to be involved in such a passive learning and teaching environment. From that moment I knew it was all up to me , so I decided to make a step towards a more creative , enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere in my classes.

From our project, we learnt to invest more energy than before and create mindful conditions that provide opportunities to more work and love to work.

As teachers we are mostly worried about how to cope with the syllabus, how to get good results and many other “hows and whys”. However, we ought to be more concerned how to motivate students to learn English as a foreign language in a free anxiety environment. Certainly this is not an easy task. It requires patience, sacrifice, ambitions, love and above all hopes for a brighter tomorrow .Yes; hope to carry on in this sacred journey and noble task of teaching.

We are faced with serious challenges as never before to make the learning experience a positive one and to make our students learn in a motivating environment. Transforming our classes into real life setting is to provide students with appropriate communication tools. It is our duty to make them thirsty for knowledge and understand the way to acquire English as a key of that knowledge.

I have the firm belief that miracles exist and we can be part of these miracles. It is never late to make a change in the way we teach, just give it a try. Why not turn our classes in small communities that express love and appreciation for liberty, freedom and democracy? It’s high time to cultivate our future citizens.”Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.”

For those who supported us in our work, we say: “God bless you”.

Special thanks to my colleague Mrs Soraya Khobstane

And Gratitude to

-Mr.Louznadji,Inspector  of English

-Mr.N.Berrehal,Head of Department of French ,

- Mr.K.Touhami, our Headteacher

- Mrs.Bouhana Mhalla, principal’s secretary (Hassi Bounif H.School)

-Mrs.Latefa Bessahraoui

-Our pupils

Ms.Kenza Hachemi

Bekkai Mohamed High School

                                                                                               Hassi Bounif, Oran