Teachers Project Pedagogy

Motivational Techniques to Teach Vocabulary


 * Ibrahim Tazi Team *

* Mrs Zahraoui * Mrs Mouffok * Mr Louznadji * Mrs Bekada * Mrs Hadjij *

* Mrs Henni * Mrs Djoudad *


Through team spirit, responsibility, creativity and group decision making, the team of Ibrahim Tazi High School demonstrated great commitment to the newly implemented approach in Teachers Professional Development.

"Motivational Techniques to Teach Vocabulary" is the first project work  presented in both the district and the city of Oran. The team has successfully contributed to the Teachers' Project Pedagogy Initiative , under the supervision of the Inspector of National  Education Mr. M. Louznadji.

The project was started with teachers 'reflection on two quotes about the Power of Words, this is indeed the obstacle that many Algerian students face in the English language.To go deeper in the chosen theme, the team members based their action research on a student's survey about her schoolmates who face difficulties to perform a writing task.

The audience observed interactive competency based techniques in a series of video class demonstrations performed by the team while trying to respond to students' needs that were reported in the survey. Teachers, then, reflected on the functionality of the suggested techniques and their integration in the curriculum.

The second part of the project was devoted to a variety of word games that would make learning English funny, enable students to enrich their vocabulary  and develop their writing skill.

The project work was closed by teachers 'constructive feedback to the team accompanied with gratitude and positive attitude towards their own projects.


 The Teachers'Feedback

" The used techniques make all the pupils work whatever the means are. What makes the techniques motivating is that they are varied and practical.

In fact, the work is well-planned, well-organized and well-graded. Efforts were obviously made from the beginning till the end. As for the teamwork, we observed the presence of a good atmosphere, respect and collaboration.

We have learned other ways of teaching vocabulary and making our teaching practices an easy task. Thus, inspiring each one of us to take a step forward and do all the best to improve our teaching and prepare our project work."


"The suggested techniques are so interesting and clearly introduced that the learners are completely involved; they have been actively engaged.

The work presented is well-planned and well-structured. We feel that the team has made great efforts to reach the project goals.

We really observed numerous benefits of the Teachers 'Project Pedagogy today. "


"Things that make the suggested techniques motivating are the students 'involvement in suggesting and eliciting ideas, participating and also reflecting.

 To be the first group of teachers to present the project work requires courage. Though it is a time consuming, pain taking and hard to prepare, the final outcome is something very positive and effective for both instructors and learners.

In short, this workshop enables us to exchange techniques in a collaborative way."


"Teaching vocabulary using motivational techniques is an interesting attempt as a teachers' project work.

We felt coordination as well as harmony between the members of the team. 

We have noticed that there are no barriers when we work together and we have to be as much creative as possible to motivate pupils and make them use what they learn in class.


 "The project work provides techniques that involve all the learners whatever their ability is.

 It is a good attempt for the first project as they had no model to follow.

We felt that every member took part seriously ( pupils, teachers and the school staff ). They all worked in harmony and helped each others. 

We have really been encouraged to prepare ourselves, the team members have paved the way in order to make us think more about our projects."


 "The techniques in this project work are motivating in the sense that they break monotony, it is motivating for both students and teachers.

The work is pretty good especially because it is the first teamwork realized and presented under challenging circumstances.

It is quite obvious that the project work gave the opportunity to the team members to work together, share experiences and motivate them to improve their teaching practices.


 " All along the teachers' project presentation we have noticed that:

The suggested techniques make all pupils involved in the work.

The project work is well-done and well-presented with a good gradation.

There was a real collaboration between teachers.

This has encouraged us to do the same thing.

It is a way to break the routine: the more we get involved in our self- education process the better it is."