Teachers Project Pedagogy


In September 2009, Mr.Louznadji  wrote : « Being an active participant in a professional development project for teachers, one will certainly feel ‘alive’, active problem solver, flexible teaching thinker, and reflective practitioner. Being an active participant, you will not only make your own learning opportunities maximize, but also provide opportunities for the group of the teachers to establish shared meanings about teaching practices and project pedagogy. »
By the end of the school year 2009-2010, I said : « The Teachers Project Pedagogy has enhanced team spirit, collaboration and social skills in addition to the development of our professional competences. »
Today, and after attending the project presentation of Hirech Mohamed High School team, I would say that : «  Teachers Project Pedagogy promotes lifelong learning ». It was a great pleasure to learn about the 'Biodiversity' issue from Mrs.Belhachemi, Mrs.Benferhat and Mrs.Benyagoub who have been teaching for more that 25 years, and also from Mrs.Merabet, the substitute teacher.
Though the Teachers Project Pedagogy was launched three years ago, the four educators were committed to work in collaboration and realized their project of « Suggested Techniques to Teach the Biodiversity Issue » effectively.  They really  'provided great opportunities' for the audience composed of teacher trainees in the wilaya of Oran.
The team demonstrated professionalism as the project work dealt with  a second year teaching unit. It was equally divided between the team members; the presentation parts were balanced, well-timed and well-managed. As for the teaching material, the textbook was properly used with the implementation of the Competency Based Approach and ICT integration.  Autonomy and creativity from the team members enhanced the quality of the project presentation.
As the audience was mainly composed of novice and trainee teachers, great benefits were taken from such a project about Biodiversity realized by experienced teachers. The participants learned a lot and were given an assignement which includes designing a unit plan based on the unit presented. This assignement is to make them aware of the necessity of planning and the autonomy in designing schemes of work. 
The project presentation ended with feedback from participants, the team, guests and the supervisors. Before closing this teacher project presentation,   'Certificates of Appreciation' were offered by Mr. Louznadji  to the four teachers for their  devotion, quality presentation and contribution to the training of the teacher trainees.
With new hopes and expectations, I would end this report with Mrs.Belhachemi’s quote: « To stop giving is to stop living!».



April 24th, 2012.


*Mrs.Belhachemi * Mrs.Merabet * Mrs.Benferhat * Mrs.Benyagoub*