Teachers Project Pedagogy

The Benefit of Teachers Project Pedagogy

Since the educational reform, the teachers of English in Oran have been involved in many professional development activities, some of us were trainers under the supervision of our Inspectors of National Education, yet we have all been totally involved in Teacher Education as we have been considered as the most important factors of change within the reform.

But this year has been a unique experience as we have been contributing to our own professional development within our school team. We have been engaged in the Teachers Project Pedagogy which has proved to be effective, though just 4 out of  30 projects have been completed and presented, while many others are in the waiting list for next school year. Yet all the teachers who attended one of the four presentations acknowledged the benefits of this approach that has been initiated in Oran.

The Teachers Project Pedagogy has enhanced team spirit, collaboration and social skills in addition to the development of our professional competences. While working on the project, no team member can be excluded, no teacher is reluctant simply because no man is an island.  We all care to be there for the whole team; we all care to share, we patiently build our project work during a number of meetings that gradually fill our timetable: we start by meeting once a month, then weekly, then daily, even weekends and holidays become the most joyful and fruitful meetings.

The closer the presentation day is, the more responsible the team feels. The team members are responsible for an audience who will attend as trainees for a half presentation day. The team members should assume responsibility in the technological, pedagogical and methodological fields. All along our project workshops, we have improved our existing knowledge in the aforementioned issues. At last, our projects are smoothly presented by the different members of the team. Not only did we feel relieve but we also experienced a special joy of outstanding achievements of creative and innovative teamwork.

Our supervisors launched the Teachers Project Pedagogy in September of 2009, and since then they haven't imposed a deadline or a topic, but they provided us with their support and guidance. Though they didn’t intervene, except as observers in some of the workshops during the realization phase, they have been the source of our inspiration and this reminds me of the proverb that Mr Louznadji always repeats: “A successful teacher is the one who makes himself progressively unnecessary”. I also remember that since 2005, he has been encouraging us to exploit our existing capacities, but this year I believe he found out the most effective way to bring out the best of the whole community of Teachers of English.

On behalf of my colleagues I would like to express my gratitude to our supervisor Mr Louznadji through this modest gift.

                                                                                               Miss K.N.Mezough