Teachers Project Pedagogy

Using Thematic Songs in EFL Classes

                        Hammou Boutlelis Team



Since September 2009,  we have been engaged in the Teachers Project Pedagogy, the newly implemented approach in the Teachers Professional Development. Such a new initiative requires collaboration, critical thinking and team decision. So after intensive collegial meetings on the project of “Using Thematic Songs in EFL Classes” we ended up with a presentation on Sunday, May 09th, 2010.

Our presentation was launched once teachers had started to arrive. We welcomed them in  the school library as we handed them pre-assessment sheets to get ready for the planned tasks. Once pre-assessment sheets were completed and collected, we had  brief discussion to lead the audience to the reason of our choice to such a project.

The diagnostic assessment task revealed that 50% of the present teachers sometimes use songs, 30 % rarely use them, and 20%  have never used songs in their classes. So, to make the audience feel relaxed, we presented six suggested techniques using six different songs on different themes for the three levels in secondary education.

Through interactive task-based instructions implemented in the different skills, we dealt with global issues such as: Human Rights, Inventions and Discoveries, Media and Leadership, Feelings and Emotions as well as an environmental issue, Rainforest.

As our tasks were planned and divided right from the beginning, we had a smooth presentation till we reached the wrap up through a Carousel Technique in which the audience completed posters in group summarizing the Reasons, Criteria, Tips and Techniques for Using Songs in EFL Classes from the suggested techniques we had presented.

Finally the audience gave very positive  comments our project both orally and in writing  through the feedback forms.

Our project would not have been achieved without the collaboration of all the team members, the school staff and our students. We are also grateful to our supervisor Mr M.Louznadji and the guest teachers who accepted our invitation to the preliminary presentation of our project and who provided us with their constructive feedback as follows:

  • “Great, wonderful, full of fun and hard work, I was not expecting so many thematic song”, Mrs. Khettou (Kasdi Merbah High School, Oran West.)
  • “I really liked the work of the group and I’d like to thank all the members for all the good work they have done. It was awesome!”, Mrs.Akmoun. ( Alkhawarismi High School, Oran East)
  • “Very lively and exciting project. And also fruitful. I have learnt that songs can be used for all the skills and not only listening”, Miss.R.Bougarra. ( Mustapha Haddam High School, Oran East.)
  • “Interesting. As a whole, it was great! Congratulations”, Miss S.Baka.   ( Pasteur High School, Oran West.)

 Teacher' Feedback
  • The project was well presented and motivating.
  • Teaching through songs is very motivating and routine breaking.
  • It was charming, cheerful and helpful.
  • The presentation was good especially with the use of all the material “ICTs, booklets, pictures, and large worksheets.”
  • Well done and well presented with a good gradation. The techniques are very interesting. Very good collaboration with all the teachers.
  • It inspires me to improve my teaching, using new and motivating techniques that are very interesting, as they reach the objectives and motivate students.
  • It was beneficial.
  • It was very delightful. Thank you.
  • The project was well prepared, well presented, rich and motivating.
  • It was really interesting, motivating, and relaxing. I appreciated a lot. Thank you.
  • It was very interesting and motivating. I appreciated a lot and enjoyed it very much. Thanks a lot.
  • We thank you so much especially for the choice of the songs.
  • I congratulate you first. Then, I thank you a lot for the time spent with you.
  • Really interesting, I have dealt with and used songs in my class but I found the given techniques attractive, relaxing and helps teaching in a joyful way. So we have to improve our teaching with games and songs. Let’s update our teaching.
  • I really appreciate your work. It’s motivating and challenging.
  • First, I’d like to thank the team for the great efforts they made and believe me, it was really a very successful work. Congratulations.
  • “The way you presented was simple and collaborative. In addition, it was motivating since music is relaxing”, Mrs L.Lakel.
  • “It was so motivating, we learnt a lot to dare in the future”, Mrs S.Khobstan.
  • “It was really good. I appreciated. It gives lots of ideas. All the steps of a lesson have been dealt with”, Mrs Benmansour.
  • “It was very interesting. I really enjoyed. Teaching through songs will really motivate pupils”, Mrs F. Matougui.
  • “Everything presented was very interesting. It is so great to learn and to feel relaxed at the same time. This is what I felt” , Mrs D.MAAMAR
  • “I feel that I really learnt something new. Each time I attend the project I become younger thinking of improving my teaching. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it”, Mrs Y.Brahimi.
  • “I got very ambitious about the use of songs in class while I hesitated before thanks to your well-planned project and inspiring techniques”, Miss.N.Azzaz.
  • “From the beginning to the end, I was motivated and eager to know what was going to come next. I got greatly inspired and though I was reluctant to use songs, I will try because I have been motivated so how about pupils? Thank you! ” Mrs Djoudad (The Teacher of the Year 2010).
  • “As an adult, I enjoyed the project presentation. Adolescents will certainly love it. As we all know, in each class there are multiple intelligences. Very demanding but REWARDING work. Congratulations!” Miss.Souad Belbachir
  • “Clearly stated objectives. Graded activities to the point. Challenging tasks. Quite motivating. Congratulations!” Mr.T.Zebbar (Inspector of English in Middle School.)
  • “Awesome, impressive, great work, team spirit. Congratulations to the hard-working team”, Mr M.Louznadji ( Inspector of National Education, Oran East)


         Dear colleagues, we are really proud that we could be up to the standards and our project has left a positive effect on you. While working on our project, we applied most of the techniques in our classes and we would be pleased to share with you our students’ feedback on our use of songs in our classes.

  • Oussama: It’s very cool and I like it.
  • Sarah: It lets you appreciate the hour of English.
  • Naziha: We spend  very nice moments with music in class. It is very relaxing.
  • Farah: It changes the routine of studies and makes me happy for all the day. So, I am always impatient to study English because I understand the lesson quikly.
  • Nezha: It is funny and very nice to study English with songs. We can understand the lesson very quickly. It is also very good for the memory.
  • Mohamed: I find to study in class with songs very good and you understand the lesson very quickly.
  • Amina: Use of songs in the English class was very nice and very cool. It made studying funny and we understood the lessons better and faster.
  • Oussama: It is really comfortable and relaxing. I love songs in the English class because it is a modern way of learning.
  • Rania: I think English with songs is the best idea, it is really good to improve pronunciation and we enjoy it a lot, it is really funny. We love English classes.


 Hammou Boutlelis Team